after all this time? always.

Fail of an afternoon.

I’ve got like nothing done. Oops! 

Starting the fanfic now, have decided to do a RemusSirius one parter before I get started on the HermioneSnape one that’ll be a bit longer. :D

After that though I’m starting HBP. <3 EXCITED! 


Stephen Fry: Can we settle an important question?

JK Rowling: Yes.

Stephen Fry: How do you pronounce your last name?

JK Rowling: It is Row-ling. As in rolling pin.

Stephen Fry: So if any of you hear someone pronounce her name “Rohw-ling”, you have my permission to hit them over the head with — not with Order of the Phoenix, that would be cruel. Something smaller, like a fridge.

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ZOMG siriusly excited about starting my re-read of Half-Blood Prince.

It’s so shiny. <3 

Anyway I’m off to write / read for a bit. Be back later. x

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used to disarm another wizard, typically by causing the victim’s wand to fly out of reach.

First seen: in CS when Snape disarms Lockhart in the Dueling Club

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“Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

Hi, I wanted to do a quick little “hello this is me” thing - so here it is. 

Well my name, as you’ve probably gathered by now, is Chelsey. I’m 19 years old and I live in the UK.

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan which, if I’m honest, is what lead me to here. I already obsess about HP on twitter (@chelseyaccionox) and I have a account (empty at the moment but not for long) that I use, but I needed somewhere to splurge all my random HP love with pictures etc. ;)

So more about my love of Harry Potter. I’ve been a fan since the first book came out less than 2 weeks after my 5th birthday. Since then I’ve read and re-read the books more times than I care to remember, though at the moment I’m re-reading with a new boxset that I got for Christmas, the signature edition. <3 

Favourite characters include McGonagall, Snape, Hermione, Dumbledore, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Lee Jordan… Okay so I love a lot of people. ;)

My ships are a little random&mixed but include McGonagallDumbledore, HermioneSnape, RemusSirius, & HermioneGinny.

Other than HP my loves include things like candles, pretty smelling sprays, writing, cooking… oh and cheese. :P

Sorry that turned out a little longer than it was supposed to, but thanks to anyone that’s read all of this. I won’t usually post anything this long promise. 

Anyway if any of you have any questions then just drop them in my ask box & I’ll reply A.S.A.P. :)